Kasolo, Mugabi supporters still in celebration

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Although elections took place on Tuesday, the counting exercise went on up to Wednesday.

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By Davis Buyondo

It was a tightly contested NRM LC5 and Parliamentary elections in Rakai on Tuesday.

Supporters of candidates who won the race are still making processions on in different parts of the district to celebrate their victory.

Although elections took place on Tuesday, the counting exercise went on up to Wednesday morning at the NRM offices in Kyotera when John Bosco Tamale, the District NRM Returning officer, announced the official results.

In the Parliamentary contest in Kyotera Constituency, Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo defeated Pius Mujuzi and Joanita Nakkazi. Kasolo got 18,481 votes, Pius Mujuzi 3,967 and Nakkazi 290.

In Kooki Constituency, Boaz Ninsiima defeated Maj. Erasmus Magulumaali, Dr. James Kimera Ssekiwanuka, Peterson Katongole and Godfrey Samula with whom they were vying for the NRM MP ticket.

Ninsiima got 7,009, Magulumaali 2,322, Katongole 2,106, Dr. Ssekiwanuka 2,060 and Samula 579. In Buyamba Constituency, Amos Mandela emerged winner after getting 20,280 votes. His immediate opponent Benon Yiga got 5,059 votes.

In Kakuuto Constituency, Christopher Kalemba beat Rose Nalubowa to become the NRM MP flag-bearer. Kalema got 6,578 while Nalubowa 5,811. Juliet Kinyamatama defeated Janefrances Kagaayi and Dahlia Naluyange for district Woman MP.

Kinyaamatama got 39,461, Kagaayi 30,336 and Naluyange 13,622.

For the LC5 chairperson, Robert Benon Mugabi, retained it after defeating rival candidate Patrick Kintu Kisekulo. Mugabi scored 33,520, Kisekulo 22,857.

However, the losers have contested the results, claiming there was uncontrolled vote stuffing, intimidation and hiding of voters. There are two main factions one led by Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo and another by Pius Mujuzi.

 obert enon ugabi celebrates victory in the district  5 race hoto by avis uyondo Robert Benon Mugabi celebrates victory in the district NRM LC5 race. (Photo by Davis Buyondo)


Kasolo’s group includes Jane Frances Kagaayi and Patrick Kintu Kisekulo, while Pius Mujuzi’s faction included Juliet Kinyamatama and Robert Benon Mugabi for NRM LC5. However, only Kasolo succeeded in his camp, while Mujuzi lost in his wing.

However, the victors have attributed their success to good manifestos, being down to earth and open to criticism. Kasolo says he was assured of victory even when most of his voters were denied to participate in the exercise.

He adds that even with this victory he would still do more to gain full support for the 2016 general elections. Benon Mugabi says he is happy since the contest was very tight. He adds that he’s ready to work with his opponents to serve the people.

Kinyamatama says after emerging winner in the Party primaries she is going to empower her campaigning team to retain her position in the 2016 general elections.

Kintu Kisekulo, one of the losers, says Mugabi’s camp intimidated his voters which some were bribed to vote for him. In that respect, John Bosco Tamale the NRM Returning officer advised the losers to appeal to the NRM electoral commission for redress.


 Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo: Is the Kyotera county MP. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. He won Pius Mujuzi in the 2011 general polls as an independent candidate. Kasolo, crossed to NRM few weeks to the primaries and was elected the Rakai NRM chairman. He defeated Pius Mujuzi.

Juliet Kinyamatama: She is a new comer. Her campaign strategists did a lot to sell her to the people in Rakai. Within a few months she had gained fame matching that of her opponent Jane Francis Kagaayi.

Robert Benon Mugabi: He defeated Vincent Ssemakula Ssetuba who was nicknamed the Rakai district Godfather.

Mugabi is a professional teacher, but the profession for politics in the 2011 general elections after standing as independent. He was brought to politics by his immediate opponent Kintu Kisekulo.

 He also joined the NRM one month to the commencement of the party primaries in September.

Amos Mandela: He was former Community Development Officier for Kacheera before went to stand for Kooki county MP in 2011. Surprisingly, he contested with Erasmus Magulumaali, (incumbent) and won him.  However, Kooki constituency was divided into two. Buyamba constituency was formed and Mandela had to cross to Buyamba where voters entrusted him as NRM Parliamentary candidate.