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District elections as it happened, Lukwago elected Lord Mayor

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Added 24 February 2016

Erias Lukwago is elected Kampala Lord Mayor.

District elections as it happened, Lukwago elected Lord Mayor

Lukwago won the Kampala Mayor race. (Photo by Miriam Namutebi)




4.00am:     'Another historic moment for me'


 Lukwago, addressing the press after being declared winner at UMA:

“It is yet another historic moment for me. I am quite honoured, I am really excited. It is a moment I will live to treasure for a lifetime. I have endured with a lot of challenges, and many would imagine I would never live to see this moment. It was not really foreseeable given the challenges which appeared almost insurmountable.

“I am honoured again to once again gain another tenure – or to renew my mandate – as the Lord Mayor. It is a very sweet victory. Why? Because it has been a tough journey. Five years ago, I stood in this hall to make a statement upon being declared the Lord Mayor of Kampala. At that time I did not defeat Peter Ssematimba, I defeated President Yoweri Museveni , and he did not take it lightly. He took offence.

I have nothing personal against the person of the President, I have nothing personal against President Museveni, and I have nothing personal to whoever subscribes to the NRM party.

I maintain my firm position: with this new mandate, I will not succumb to any form of intimidation and I will not succumb to any form of manipulation.

I maintain that we need to transform Kampala into a modern city based on a shared vision. My call to the new team is: let’s cooperate, let’s build rapport, for the good of our city.

I have a list of priorities, because this is very important. What we need to do is to rebuild the structures in the city. We want to restore to rule of law and good governance. It is only a robust and vibrant authority that will deliver the kind of city you want. I am amenable to criticism; I am amenable to checks and balances. I am neither alpha nor omega.

As soon as I enter City Hall, one thing I will do is to work on the main drainage channel. We must come up with a new structural plan realigning key issues like coming up with a programme for neighbourhoood planning, there must be a clearly demarcated industrial area. We must plan for our transport system, we must plan for our infrastructure.

On accountability: there is no compromise on issues of accountability because this is the hallmark of accountable governance. Right now it is a taboo to talk about accountability in this city.





3.30am:   Lord Mayor: Lukwago declared winner



Erias Lukwago has been declared winner of the 2016 Kampala mayoral election with 176,637 votes from 82% of results from 1,101 polling stations.

Daniel Kazibwe (Ragga Dee) polled 49,366 votes while Issa Kikungwe finished last with 7,759 votes.




4.00pm: Voting closes


3.30pm: Voting in Kiboga

Pictures By Nelson Kiva

overnment chief whip uth ankabirwa voting at iboga aaza grounds Government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa voting at Kiboga Saaza grounds



3.00pm: Voting in Zana

Pictures By Juliet Kasirye





2.30pm: Voting in Busega

Pictures By Mary Kansiime









2.00pm: Low voter turn out in Kabarole


There is generally low voter turn out in the entire district of Kabarole as electorates cast their vote for local council leaders. Rogers Sunday reports

In Kabarole electorates are only voting for district councilors after the district chairperson Richard Rwabuhinga went unopposed. In fort portal, the tight race is between Abigaba Chris and Jorum Bintamanya who are contesting for district councillorship for South Division in Fort Portal municipality.

Valley Kanzira the Kabarole district returning officer says his office will declare winners in a period of 24 hours. By press time Kanzira said no irregularities had been reported. “All polling materials were delivered on time at all polling stations in the district,” Kanzira said.


icture by oger unday Picture by Roger Sunday



1.55pm: Mpigig district experince low voter turn out 


oling agents seated waiting for voters at olice center poling station icture by imon sekidde Poling agents seated waiting for voters at Police center poling station. Picture by Simon Ssekidde


1.40pm: EC balmed for low turn out


By Jackson Kitara

The Gulu district LC5 chairman, Martin Ojara Mapenduzi has blamed the low turnout of voters for election of chairman of the district and their councillors as a frustration of voters, who believe the Electoral Commission was not fair and transparent during the presidential elections.


ulu district  5 chairman artin jara apenduzi voting at t arys ospital acor icture by ackson itara Gulu district LC 5 chairman, Martin Ojara Mapenduzi, voting at St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor. Picture by Jackson Kitara




1.20pm: EC tweets







1.00pm: Deserted polling stations in Bushenyi 



12.35pm: Polling officials wait for voters in vain


Voting for the LC5 chairperson and councillors is still under way at many polling stations in Mpigi with a very low voter turn up. Simon Ssekidde reports

At many polling stations, polling agents are seen seated relaxed waiting for voters who are not turning up.

At Gala polling station in Mpigi town council, five voters had turned up out of the 285 registered voters at the polling station.

At Mpigi police center polling station in Mpigi town, 120 people had turned to vote by 11:45pm out of the 680 voters registered to vote at this station.

At Kammengo B polling station in Kammengo subcounty, only 40 people had voted out of the 300 registered voters.

The situation is not any different in other polling stations in the district.

The LC 5 race in mpigi is attracting four people including DP’s Fred Male, NRM’s Peter Mutuluuza, Frank Kawooya and Matthias Mugenyi.


12.20pm: Voting postponed in Bundibugyo 


Voting has been temporarily halted in Six sub-counties in Bundibugyo district after their election materials were mixed up during distribution of ballot boxes. Geoffrey Mutegeki reports

The affected Sub Counties are Nyahuka, Ntoroto, Ntandi, Busaru, Bubukwanga and Kasitu. The mix up has angered some voters and are threatening to boycott the exercise.

According to Daniel Nayebare the Bundibugyo registrar only councillors voting has been affected. Voting for LC5 chairman is ongoing and all the materials delivered.  He revealed that voting will resume immediately after the mess is sorted.

12.00PM: Kasese voters explain poor turn-up


There was poor turn-up at most polling stations in the polls for LC5 and district councillors in Kasese Municpality. John b. Thawite writes


Although the voting materials had by 7:30am arrived at most polling stations, there were more polling agents than the voters themeslves at some polling stations such as Kamulikwizi market, Saluti Chruch of Uganda, Rwenzori Square, Kisagazi and Nyakasanga market.


"Some of us do not know our councillors so why waste time voting for people we do not know," several residents told New Vision.


ictures by ohn  hawite Pictures by John B. Thawite


Some of the NRM supporters said they had lost morale after losing their Parliamentary favorites  in the Parliamentary elections.


The FDC candidate retained the woman parliamnetary seat, Bukonzo East and Busongora North and also ousted the three NRM MPs including Dr Chrispus Kiyionga (Bukonzo West and defence Minister), Boaz kafuda (Busongora South).


Kasese Municcipality parliamentary seat, ocupied by inccumbent James Mbahimba who lost in the NRM primaries, fell to FDC's Cenetary Franco Robert Bwambale, who beat NRM's flag bearer, FerigoKambale.


icture by ohn  hawite Picture by John B. Thawite


FDC was are also eyeing the LC V seat and have fielded Geoffrey Sibendire Bigogo, to unseat the incumbent, retired Lt Col Dula Mawa Muhindo, who ousted Rev Canon Julius Bwambale Kithaghenda in 2011.


Speaking on phone from Mihunga village which broders the boundary with Rwenzori Moinutanins National Park, the Bugoye LC 3 chairperson Aprunali Bwambale, also reported miserbale turn up in the mountneous subcounty.


In the lake region which is pre-dominantly non-Bakonzo pro-NRM reisdntes say they after voting Museveni, they do not see why they should vote in the local polls where the FDC has taken all the parliamnetary  seats.


11.50am:  Erias Lukwago casts his vote



11.20am: Polling stations fail to open for lack of voters


DESPITE being another public holiday in the Country, there was low voter turnout in most polling stations in Gulu municipality on Wednesday. Dennis Ojwee reports

Brenda Acayo, the Presiding Officer at Kasubi Central B-L Polling station said no one out of the 231 registered voters at the polling station had cast a vote by 9:17AM, the time they also set up the voting materials.

She said they delayed by near two hours to set up the voting materials because they lacked quorum of the minimum number of five voters to witness the opening of the ballot boxes to start.

ow voter turn out for  5 polls in ulu municipality icture ennis jwee Low voter turn out for LC 5 polls in Gulu Municipality. Picture Dennis Ojwee


AT Kasubi Central, Bar-Dege Division, only an average of 10 people had cast their votes for LC 5 and the LC5 councilors’ seat in Gulu municipality by 10:00am.

Only 318 out of the expected 3, 571 registered voters at Kasubi Central polling stations had cast their votes, giving hardly 0.03% of the registered voters there.

Christine Atim, aged 40 who cast her vote at 9:40am at the A-A polling station said most people do not seem to take the lower council polls as very important as the presidential one.

In all the polling stations ranging from A-A till O-OZ, less than 20 voters had voted from 7:00AM to 10:00am.

Boniface Okot, aged 68 said: “Most people (voters) get discouraged when they see very little democracy being practiced when it comes to general elections in Uganda. If the results of elections are reportedly pre-determined, then it demoralized the citizens to turn up to vote”.

olling oficials setting up votting materials late icture ennis jwee Polling oficials setting up votting materials late. Picture Dennis Ojwee


Alice Apiyo said: “To me I think most could have been discouraged with the results of the voting in the Presidential elections that was marred with violence and arrest of some Presidential Candidates”.

Most of the Presiding Officers in-charge of theses polling stations attributed the low voter turnout to little voter education or sensitization, interest to participate in the voting, commitment at their places of work despite the day being a public holiday to the polls and the voting environment that comprises of the UPDF soldiers who work on orders among others.

At the M-N polling station, the Presiding Officer, Grace Akello said only 10 people out of 350 registered voters had voted in by 9:26am. The first person cast vote at 8:00AM.

AM-AZ polling station had a similar trend where 17 people had voted by 9:28AM out of the expected 410 registered voters.

Diana Asamu said: “May be the people could have been discouraged with the results of the previous presidential elections or they could be busy at their places of work”.

At the A-A polling station, hardly 18 people had cast their votes by 9:56AM out of 364 registered voters at the station. The first person voted at 8:40AM since the station was set up at 7:15AM according to the Presiding Officer, Shila Lakot.

The Presiding Officer at the B-Z polling station, the largest within the nine polling stations within Kasubi Central with 656 registered voters, said he was heavily disappointed with the poor voter turnout. He lamented that barely 37 of the expected voters had voted by 9:42AM. He said the first person voted at 8:10AM.


11.00am: Business is going normal in Nakawa Market 


ictures by ilfred anya Pictures by Wilfred Sanya







Voting process is slow






10.35am: Nebbi and Zombo


voters turn up at njuku chapel polling station in ebbi hoto y enedict kethwengu Voters turn up at Onjuku chapel polling station in Nebbi. Photo By Benedict Okethwengu

oter casting her vote njuku at polling station in ebbi hoto y enedict kethwengu Voter casting her vote Onjuku at polling station in Nebbi. Photo By Benedict Okethwengu


 voter being helped cast his vote at njuku polling station in ebbi hoto y  A voter being helped cast his vote at Onjuku polling station in Nebbi. Photo By BENEDICT OKETHWE



10.20am: Police call for calm during today’s polls


Police has urged all Ugandans to engage peacefully in the process of electing local government leaders that is going to be carried out tomorrow. Joyce Nakato reports

After going to the polls to elect the president and members of parliament on Thursday last week, votes are expected to cast their votes for the Kampala Lord Mayor, district LC5 chairpersons and councilors as part of the second cycle of the election period.

Police deputy spokesperson Polly Namaye says all police commanders in the different areas have been mandated to work closely with the candidates and their supporters at the polling stations and during tallying to ensure that law and order is preserved.

She has also called upon members of the public to also act responsibly noting that no criminal acts intended to disrupt the electoral process will be allowed. “Area Police commanders are mandated to work closely with the candidates and their supporters to ensure security at the polling stations and during tallying.

All Police Officers are reminded to maintain law and order. The Uganda Police Force will continue to closely work with the populace in order to sustain a secure and peaceful environment where Citizens and Business people can conduct their normal activities”.


10:00am: Elect leaders of substance

Jamil Ssebalu Kijjambu, aspirant for lord mayor Makindye Ssabagabo municipality has advised voters not to elect leaders who have not achieved anything to show their capabilities. Evelyne Nalule reports

While addressing a rally outside Namasuba market, on Entebbe Road on Tuesday evening, Ssebalu stressed that it’s of no value electing incompetent leaders who have achieved nothing on their own because they will drag the country backwards.

amil sebalu ijjambalu in a tie aspirant mayor for akindye unicipality with other  supportes during a rally outside amasuba market  on uesday evening hoto by velyne alule Jamil Ssebalu Kijjambalu (in a tie next to the lady in a gomesi) aspirant mayor for Makindye Municipality with other NRM supportes during a rally outside Namasuba market on Tuesday evening. Photo by Evelyne Nalule.

He elaborated that such leaders are found of being selfish and greedy and cited out sub county leaders who sold off both government and Buganda bursaries. He has promised to be honest adding that will reduce on taxes. In response the electorates requested him not to demolish their business kiosks placed along the road.

9.40am:  Kamuli 


By 8am the polling stations had a low turn over


 ictures by eoffrey amukoye  Pictures by Geoffrey Namukoye



9.30am: Voting materials delivered in time 


Although voting materials were delivered in time at most polling stations, polling officials remained idle for a long time, as voters started appearing late, and in minimal numbers. Mike Musisi reports


At Mulago, Butebe, Kikooza, Mt. Lebanon and Town Academy polling stations, all was set by 7.30 am but no single voter had turned up at any of the polling stations.


Several voters were heard complaining of voter fatigue, while NRM supporters showed they had dampened spirits after losing the Municipality seat to Democratic Party (DP's) Betty Nambooze in the recently concluded parliamentary elections.


In the same spirit, DP supporters who declined to  be named said they had boycotted the elections claiming that their woman MP candidate Hanifah Nabukeera had been cheated of victory in favour of NRM's Peace Kusasira.


In a telephone interview, Mukono North MP and State Minister for Water Ronald Kibuule observed that NRM supporters should take advantage of the boycott by DP supporters, to overwhelmingly vote for their LC V Chairmanship candidate Andrew Senyonga and party councilors.


"Sitting back and copying the example of those boycotting the exercise will not pay off, I would advise our people to rush to their polling stations and vote", Kibuule said.


By press time, voting had not picked momentum as people continued to trickle into polling stations.


9.00am: The unopposed LC 5 chairpersons


  1. George Mutabazi for Lwengo (NRM)

  2. Abbey Bizimana for Kisoro (NRM)

  3. Richard Rwabuhinga for Kabarole (NRM)

  4. Timothy Kyamanywa for Ntoroko (NRM)

  5. Willy Lugolobi for Kalangala (NRM)



8.30am:  Somewhere in Rukungiri


The turn out is still slow.


ictures by aleb ahikaho Pictures by Caleb Bahikaho



he  district flag bearer artin yomuhangi casting his vote at ukungiri indergarten polling station e casted his vote at 932am icture by aleb ahikaho The FDC district flag bearer Martin Byomuhangi casting his vote at Rukungiri Kindergarten polling station. He casted his vote at 9:32am. Picture by Caleb Bahikaho


ukungiri unicipality  elect oland ugume aginda casting vote at ukungiri town council primary school polling station at 1045am  icture by aleb ahikaho Rukungiri Municipality MP elect Roland Mugume Kaginda casting vote at Rukungiri town council primary school polling station at 10:45am. Picture by Caleb Bahikaho


n old woman gets a mark after voting icture by aleb ahikaho An old woman gets a mark after voting. Picture by Caleb Bahikaho


 chairperson irginia yarugahe voting at ukungiri indergarten polling station icture by aleb ahikaho FDC chairperson, Virginia Kyarugahe voting at Rukungiri Kindergarten polling station. Picture by Caleb Bahikaho



8.10am: Kumi LC5 polls postponed


The Electoral Commission of Kumi has postponed the district chairperson elections until further notice, reports New Vision's Charles Achoda.

This was confirmed by the Kumi district election returning officer, Monicah Ngobi, after receiving communication from the Electoral Commission Kampla.

According to Ngobi, the Kumi district elections for LC5 chairperson was postponed due to the death of one of the candidates, Charles Otaok, who was killed in an accident that occurred two weeks ago along the Kumi-Soroti highway.

Otaok was contesting on the Go Forward ticket at the time of his death.
However, Ngobi says that all other elections will go on as scheduled apart from the district LC5 chairperson.

Charles Otaok, 49, a resident of Aligoi village, Ngero sub-county in Kumi county was travelling to Amuria for burial of another member of the Go Forward political outfit when the vehicle he was traveling in lost control before rolling several times off the road.


8.00am: Smooth sail-through


LC5 chairmen for Kamwenge, Kabarole and Kamwenge districts in the Rwenzori region went through unopposed. They are all of the ruling NRM party. The region is made up of seven districts.

Kibaale district chairman Peter Amara, also of the NRM, sailed through unopposed.

Meanwhile in Kyenjonjo district, polling is under way, according to New Vision reporter Geoffrey Mutegeki.



7.50am: Voting under way in Apac


Voting in some parts of Apac town, in Apac town council, had started by 7.20am local time, says New Vision's Daniel Okwir.

One of the presiding officers said the Electoral Commission had given them materials around 6.30am. It is a sluggish start so far at the various polling stations.

(Refresh page for updates)



7.30am: 'Go and vote'



"I want to assure every Ugandan across the country, especially those in Kampala, that nobody has the capacity to intimidate you or deny you your right to vote."

Those, up there, are the words of President-elect Yoweri Museveni, as he called on Ugandans to go and vote in the local government elections. This was contained in a missive released on Tuesday. Read full message HERE.

Museveni, the NRM chairman, was re-elected into power after winning an eight-strong presidential race with 60.62%, once again beating his closest challenger FDC's Kizza Besigye (35.61%). While some of the presidential candidates have since conceded defeat, Museveni's political opponent Besigye has contested the final results announced by Electoral Commission chairman Eng. Badru Kiggundu on Saturday.

(Refresh this page for updates)



7.10am: The early bird, votes first


Pader district has 650 villages, 54 parishes, 12 sub counties, 159 polling stations and 70,112 voters. And today, one of the people who will cast a ballot is 30-year-old Awor Korina who was keen to rise early and march to her polling station located at Paipir Primary School – about a kilometer away from her home.

Meanwhile, in Pader town council, there is stiff competition between Komakech Okumu of UPC and Okello Walter Rally who are vying for Pader LC5 councilor.


6.40am: Flying start

As the sun takes the rise in the east, up north in Pader district, voting materials were released for distribution to 12 sub-counties as early as 6.00am local time.

In the picture, Joseph Omona (front-left), the Pader district returning officer, releases election materials from Pader Central Police Station that were to be transported and distributed to the twelve sub-counties of Acholibur, Awere, Atanga, Angagura, Latanya, Lapul, Laguti, Pajule, Puranga, Pader T.C, Ogom and Pader sub-county.


The voting materials were escorted by the police, elections observers and polling officials to the respective areas, says New Vision reporter Patrick Okidi.

While releasing the materials, Omona warned electoral officials not to delay or tamper with electoral results.

If you are planning to vote in Pader, you will see four LC5 candidates on the ballot paper: Okot Obutu Vincent (DP), Oringa Largo Godfrey (NRM), Otema John Richard (Independent) and Ocan Justine (FDC).



6.30am: Good morning

Hello and good morning. It's 6.30am in Kampala and we are yet to see daylight, but that should come in a short while. Welcome along to live text commentary of yet another round of elections on the 2016 election calender. With the presidential and parliamentary elections done and dusted, we are shifting our focus lens on district leadership (local government) today.

We will bring you updates from around the country as Ugandans elect yet another important group of leaders to take them through the coming five years.

Stick with us good people!



Polling officials wait for voters in vain

Voting for the LC5 chairperson and councillors is still under way at many polling stations in Mpigi with a very low voter turn up. Simon Ssekidde reports

At many polling stations, polling agents are seen seated relaxed waiting for voters who are not turning up.

At Gala polling station in Mpigi town council, five voters had turned up out of the 285 registered voters at the polling station.

At Mpigi police center polling station in Mpigi town, 120 people had turned to vote by 11:45pm out of the 680 voters registered to vote at this station.

At Kammengo B polling station in Kammengo subcounty, only 40 people had voted out of the 300 registered voters.

The situation is not any different in other polling stations in the district.

The LC 5 race in mpigi is attracting four people including DP’s Fred Male, NRM’s Peter Mutuluuza, Frank Kawooya and Matthias Mugenyi.


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