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EC declares Museveni president with 60.75%

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Added 18 February 2016

He scored 5,617,503 votes with 60.75%

EC declares Museveni president with 60.75%




(All time here is Ugandan time)






CLICK HERE for live results of the 2016 Uganda Election 


3:40pm: Hppening now


EC charman to announce the final results

He appreciates the voters, bothe the foreign and local media and the EC team for the role played in the electoral process

He says he is in the mood if declaration 

The EC has just declared Candidate Museveni president with 60.75% of the votes 


Final results:

Museveni 5,617,503 (60.75%), Bwanika 86,075 (0.93%), Mbabazi 132,574 (1.43%), Kyalya 40,598 (0.44%), Mabirizi 23,762 (0.26%), Besigye 3,270,290 (35.37%), Biraaro 24,675 (0.27%), Barya 51,086 (0.55%)

Provisional results: 10th provisional results released

EC promises to release the next results before 4pm

Number of votes: 8,971,885 (58.73% of total Voters)

Polling stations: 24,347 OUT OF 28, 010 (86.92%)












Ist Provisional results 




































2nd Provisional results






















3rd Provisional results



2191283 1182025 60694 35487 11176  23380  10266 18444


62.03% 33.46% 1.72%  1% 0.32%  0.66% 0.29% 0.52%

4th Provisional results



 2715914  1414708  74127  42270  13495  28814  12510  21683


 62.82%  32.72%  1.71%  0.98%  0.31%  0.67%  0.29%  0.50%

5th Provisional results



2,900,109 1,507,495 8,893 45,370 14,469 31,331 13,660 23,076


62.8% 32.66% 1.75% 0.98% 0.31% 0,68% 0.3% 0.5%

6th Provisional results



3,156,070 1,767,041 88,900 51,150 15,588 33,135 14,757 24,536


61.27% 34.3% 1.78% 0.99% 0.3% 0.64% 0.29% 0.48%

7th Provisional results



 3,373,998  1,932,323  91,980  54,704  16,338  34,627  15,498  25,631


 60.85%  34.85%  1.66%  0.99%  0.29%  0.62%  0.28%  0.46%

8th Provisional results



4,549,140 2,603,880 112,071 78,708 20,553 42,931 19,661 32,773


61.05% 34.94% 1.5% 0.95% 0.28% 0.58% 0.26% 0.44%

9th Provisional results



5,047,754 2,826,644 122,848 75,916 22,213 46,826 21,661 36,940


61.55% 34.4% 1.50% 0.93% 0.27% 0.57% 0.26% 0.45%

10th Provisional results



 5,288,074  2,920,664  125,421   78,635  23,092  48,279  22,344  38,818


 61.88%  34.18%  1.47%  0.92%  0.27%  0.56%  0.26%  0.45%




2:15pm: 10th Provisional results


12:32am Tight security at Namboole

Meanwhile, security has been beefed up at Namboole. NRM Secretary General has just arrived at Namboole and she is seen talking to one of the security men


icture by orah ukimba Picture by Norah Mukimba


11:00am 9th Provisional results



8:26am: 8th Provisional results

With only a few hours left to the close of the deadline for declaring the official winner of the presidential election, Electoral Chairperson Eng.Dr.Badru Kiggundu has released the 8th reading of the presidential election results from the national tally center at Namboole stadium.

From these results, President Yoweri has 4,549,140 votes which leaves him standing at 61.05%,FDC’s Dr.Kizza Besigye has 2,603,880 votes which gives him a 34.94% and Dr.Abed Bwanika has received 70,708 votes leaving him with a percentage of 0.95.

Prof.Venesius Baryamureeba has received 42,931leaving him with a 0.58%,Gen.Benon Biraaro has 20,553 votes with 0.28% while Faith Maureen Kyalya has 32,773 votes leaving her with a percentage of 0.44 and lastly Mabirizi Joseph who has 19,661 votes and a percentage of 0.26%.

These results have been generated from 21,257 polling stations of which 7,451,725 were valid and 371012 were invalid.

1:27am: 7th provisional results


From the seventh batch of results released this evening by the Uganda Electoral Commission, Dr Abed Bwanika has polled 54,704 votes (0.99%), Amama Mbabazi 91,980 (1.66%) Prof Barya has polled 34,627 (0.62%) and Benon Biraro has 16,338 (0.29%). Dr Kizza Besigye has polled 1932323 (34.85%) Joseph Mabirizi has 15498 (0.28%) Maureen Kyalya has polled 25631 (0.46%) and Yoweri Museveni has polled 3373998 (60.85%).

Valid votes so far are 5545099, invalid votes cast are 280515. Votes tallied so far are 5825614 which is 56.41% turnout of the total votes cast. So far the votes are from 15,801 polling stations out of 28,010 polling stations have been received. These are results from 27 complete districts. The next update is at 8:00am

9:00am: 6th Provisional results




6:52pm: 5th provisional results


EC chairman Dr. Kiggundu is about to announce the 5th batch of provisional Presidential results at the national tally centre (Namboole).


3:30pm: 4th provisional results

Museveni is still leading with 62.82%


10:44am: 3rd provisional results

Museveni still in lead with 62.03% which is 2191283 votes


From EC's website 

rom s website


Meanhile, voting still on going in some parts of Wakiso and Kampala


8:30am: Museveni still in lead

A second reading of results from the national tally center still has NRM candidate President Yoweri in the lead with a majority of 1,362,961 votes in the results that have been released by the national returning officer Eng.Dr.Badru Kiggundu.

Results that have come in from 6,448 polling station show that FDC candidate Dr.Kizza Besigye has received 738,628 votes and Go Forward’s Amama Mbabazi has 41,291votes closely followed by Dr.Abed Bwanika who has received 22,180 votes.

Maureen Kyalya has come in with 12,742 votes while Joseph Mabirizi has 6833 votes closely followed by Prof.Venasius Baryamureeba who has 1526 votes.

The total number of votes that were cast in these polling stations where 2,323,927 and of these 2,207,123 were valid and 116,804 were invalid.

1:20am: Museveni in early lead

Eng.Dr.Badru Kiggundu has released the first reading of the presidential results showing NRM candidate President Yoweri Museveni in the lead with 117,298 votes closely followed by FDC candidate Dr.Kizza Besigye who comes in with 59,609 votes.

In the third place is Amama Mbabazi with 2246 votes  joined by Dr.Abed Bwanika who comes in the fourth position with 1723 votes while Maureen Faith Kyalya has 1141 votes putting her in the fifth position.

Prof.Venasius Baryamureebe currently stands in the sixth position with 984 votes while Rtd.General Benon Biraaro is still trailing in 7th place with 627 votes  while Mabirizi Joseph comes in at eight position with 503 votes.

The total number of votes were 195,369 of which the valid votes were 184,217 while the invalid votes were 11,152 with a representation of 182 voters from 580 polling stations out of the total 28010 polling stations. Kiggundu notes that the next results are to be released in the next two hours.





wanika casting his vote Bwanika casting his vote


5:27pm: Vote counting in Kabarole


icture by unday ogers Picture by Sunday Rogers


4:40pm: Vote counting at Rukungiri


ictures by aleb ahikaho Pictures by Caleb Bahikaho




4:22pm: In Lira municipality vote counting has started


icture by atrick kino Picture by Patrick Okino


4:00pm: Voting offically closed


Officially, polling is closed, and so from this time onwards, only those already in the queue will be allowed to vote.

Meanwhile, Electoral Commission chairman Eng. Badru Kiggundu has told the press just a few minutes ago that at stations where voting had to start at 2pm, voters will have until 7pm to cast their ballot.



3:40pm: Ibanda

Kaliisa Joverine Kyomukama casting her vote

Also,  Ubran Tv tweets that the Biometric system rejected Maureen Kyalya's National ID

Meanwhile, EC says all voters who will be in the queue by 4pm will still have the right to cast their votes

3:20pm: Isingiro district

eneral iraaro casts his vote icture by red uryakira General Biraaro casts his vote. Picture by Fred Turyakira




3:15pm: Kanungu


babazi and his family cast their votes in arubeizi in anungu ictures by atson araire Mbabazi and his family cast their votes in Karubeizi in Kanungu. Pictures by Patson Baraire




3:00pm: Bundibugyo


ictures by ohn zinjah Pictures by John Nzinjah



2:56pm: Museveni casts his vote

At 2:56pm, Museveni is in the queue just about to cast his vote at Kaaro High School in Kiruhuura.

At 3:00pm, candidate Museveni cast his vote


photos by bdulkarim sengendo Photos by Abdulkarim Ssengendo




2:30pm: Kamuli

adaga casts her vote in amuli ictures eoffrey amukoye Kadaga casts her vote in Kamuli. Pictures Geoffrey Namukoye




2:15pm: Masaka

Vice president Edward, Kiwanuka Ssekandi casts his vote


ictures by avis uyondo Pictures by Davis Buyondo




2:00pm: Rukungiri


uhwezi says he is overwhelmed by the numbers thats have turned up to vote in ukungiri ictures by aleb ahikaho Muhwezi says he is overwhelmed by the numbers thats have turned up to vote in Rukungiri. Pictures by Caleb Bahikaho




1:40pm: Mitooma

inister for justice and constitutional affairs en ahinda tafiire voting at ashenshero market polling station icture by hris ugasha Minister for justice and constitutional affairs, Gen Kahinda Otafiire, voting at Kashenshero market polling station. Picture by Chris Mugasha


apt  ononzio ahonda casting his vote at abira sub county head quarters icture by chris mugasha Capt Dononzio Kahonda casting his vote at Kabira sub county head quarters. Picture by chris mugasha


1.30pm: Archbishop casts his vote


rchbishop of ampala rchdiocese r yprian izito wanga cast his vote at ganda artyrs econdary chool at ubaga during icture by uliet ukwago Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese, Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga cast his vote at Uganda Martyrs Secondary School at Lubaga during. Picture by Juliet Lukwago




1.25pm: Communication from EC



1:20PM: In Amolatar district


Elections in Amolatar going on smoothly

By Fred Ogwang

Elections started well in Amolatar district, though in some few polling stations it started at around 9:00am in the morning, due to inadequate transport that could not reach early due to bad roads and far distant.

The district registrar, Richad Onaba, said there were no any irregularities at the time of starting voting, Anthony Okello, one of the parliamentary aspirants hailed the government for providing enough security personnel at all polling stations. Some few observers, whispered to Vision group that some polling assistants did not know their roles, that were causing delay at the polling stations

he molatar district registrar ichard naba  inspects the transporting of election kits at the elections office ictures by red gwang The Amolatar district registrar, Richard Onaba (R) inspects the transporting of election kits at the elections office. Pictures by Fred Ogwang


1:10pm: Kasangati

igerias exresident lusegun basanjo observes elections in asangati ictures ickolas neal Nigeria's ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo observes elections in Kasangati. Pictures Nickolas Oneal




12:40pm: Hoima

n old woman is assisted to cast her vote at iryatete est polling station in oima town icture by obert tuhairwe An old woman is assisted to cast her vote at Kiryatete West polling station in Hoima town. Picture by Robert Atuhairwe


12.30pm: Koboko

outh minister velyn nite voting he is a candidate for oboko municipality  seat icture by osco dong Youth minister Evelyn Anite voting. She is a candidate for Koboko municipality MP seat. Picture by Bosco Odong



12.15pm: UCC boss explains about social media


Meanwhile, Godfery Mutabazi, the UCC boss during a phone interview explains why social media platforms have been disabled saying EC raised a concern that candidate could still use the platforms to carry on with the campaigns yet they were closed. He further explains and says the security agencies were worried that some members of public could misuse the platforms to incite violence

12.00pm: Mabirizi casting his vote


I will win by 53, says Mabirizi

By Evelyne Nalule  

Voting exercise in Makindye Ssaabagabo municipality has begun late leading to over welming numbers of voters in different polling stations.

This has created fear that by the closing time there will still be many voters in the line.

According to William Banuha,the presiding officer of Mirimo zone, Muzimya polling station said this is due to the delay in the distribution of voting logistics in the whole municipality.

However one of the presidential candidates, Elton John Mabirizi has voted  at Lufuka Bunamwaya polling station at exactly 10:05am.

Addressing journalists after casting his vote, Mabirizi said that the voting exercise is unfair to the disabled and the aged who have been made on some polling stations stand on the long lines.

He says he expects to win by 53% if the elections are free and fair. He further complained about the slow process which he said is meant to frustrate his voters.

Emmanuel Kigozi Ssempala, the aspiring Member of parliament for Kyadondo South constituency has casted his vote at 10:55am at Muzimya polling station and there after showed confidence that the voting exercise is free and fair though slow.

However speaking to the different voters they showed incompetence of the election process.


icture by uliet asirye Pictures by Juliet Kasirye


Was Mabirizi crying?




11.52am: EC apologies for the delays in Wakiso and Kampala



11:30am: Business resumes in Lira after voting

ictures by atrick kino Pictures by Patrick Okino


11.15am: Lira


oting going in ira municipality icture by atrick kinovoting going on in ira municipality icture by atrick kino Voting going on in Lira municipality. Picture by Patrick Okino



11.00am: In Ibanda town council

rof aryamureeba voted at exactly 930am he termed the whole campaign process as peaceful and he told reporters that he expectant of winning Prof. Baryamureeba voted at exactly 9:30am. He termed the whole campaign process as peaceful and he told reporters that he expects to win. Pictures by Lawrence Mucunguzi



11.40am: In Lwengo

he tate inister for rban development ariam ajjemba casting her vote at gondati polling station in ingo subcounty ukoto outh county in wengo district ictures by avis uyondo The State Minister for Urban development, Mariam Najjemba casting her vote at Ngondati polling station in Kingo sub--county, Bukoto South county in Lwengo district. Pictures by Davis Buyondo



10:30am: In Rukunigiri at Rwakabengo


ictures by aleb ahikaho Pictures by Caleb Bahikaho



ournalists waiting for esigye at his home ukungiri Journalists waiting for Besigye at his home Rukungiri


esigye cating his vote ictures by aleb ahikaho Besigye cating his vote. This was at eaxctly 10:37am. Pictures by Caleb Bahikaho




10.00am: Some where in Fort Portal



9:15am: Voting in mbale

Voting materials delayed to reach several polling stations in Mbale district as voters eagerly awaited to cast their vote


9.00am: Rain in Gulu


Voters brave the morning drizzles as they line up at aunda ground polling station to cast their vote ictures by rnest umwesige Voters brave the morning drizzles as they line up at Kaunda ground polling station to cast their vote. Pictures by Arnest Tumwesige

ulu district experiencing drizzles icture by rnest umwesige ulu district experiencing drizzles icture by rnest umwesige Gulu district experiencing drizzles Picture by Arnest Tumwesige


8.40am: Voting in Apac

n agent checking the ballots just to make sure the ballot boxes are empty ictures by kwir anj n agent checking the ballots just to make sure the ballot boxes are empty ictures by kwir anj An agent checking the ballots just to make sure the ballot boxes are empty. Pictures by Okwir Danj


 polling officer displays what is the material at rocha rimary school pac A polling officer displays voting materials at Arocha Primary school, Apac


usinesses closed usinesses close ictures by kwir anj Businesses closed Businesses close. Pictures by Okwir Danj

8.22am: William Street

No ballot papers or polling officials at William street polling station behind church house.


8.16am: Luwaawo polling station

Voters at Luwaawo polling station in Najjanankumbi waiting to cast their votes

icture by iolet abatanzi Picture by Violet Nabatanzi

8.00am: Makerere polling station

MAKERERE UNIVERSITY has 15 polling stations. Each of the halls is a polling post. So far no event is visible in any of the stations.

All is quiet and tranquil. The mood is pensive. At Complex Hall Makerere, voters have started to arrive thou the election materials are not yet there.  David niringiye Zac one of the election observers is also at the place

ictures by etty mamukirori Pictures by Betty Amamukirori





7.30am: Wishes

Meanwhile, Kofi Annan tweeted. Kofi Atta Annan is a Ghanaian diplomat who served as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations from January 1997 to December 2006.



•    Positions being voted for today are president and parliamentary (MPs)
•    Opening time for voting is 7am and closing time is 4pm local time
•    There are 28,010 polling stations throughout the country
•    Registered voters: 15,277,198
•    What you need to vote: Uganda national ID or voter location slip of confirm your particulars on the voters register


7.05am: Polling day

Today marks the second-last day of the election cycle, which consists of eight components:

•    Registration of voters
•    General Update of the Voters’ register
•    Voter Education
•    Display of the National Voters’ Register
•    Nomination of Candidates
•    Campaign meetings
•    Polling Day
•    Declaration of results


7.00am: Time to wake up

Hello and good morning. It is the 18th day of February 2016 and what an important day for Uganda!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome along to live text commentary of Uganda's 2016 general elections, a day I am sure you, who is reading this now, have been waiting for.

Let's get started!





Patrick Okino

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