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Museveni disappointed with absence of power

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Added 23 January 2016

The President said power will be extended to most parts of Bujenje

Museveni disappointed with absence of power

Museveni disappointed by absence of power

By Joyce Nakato

President Yoweri Museveni has expressed disappointment over absence of power in some parts of Masindi.

While addressing his first rally at Kikingura Primary School in Bujenje, Mssindi, Museveni said he will ensure the area is connected to the national grid, saying electricity is a major component of development. He pledged to extend the power lines to Bujunjura, Kiyingi and Kabalye.

3:57pm: Museveni arrives and he is welcomed by enthusiastic supporters. Pictures by Joyce Nakato




3:42pm: Museveni has not arrived for the rally and people are already impatient. Some of them said they had been told he will be at the venue at 10:00am and therefore, came as early as 7:30am. The LC5 flag-bearer, Cosmas Byaruhanga talsk to them trying to plead for patience.

Photo by Pricillar Nyamahunge



By Joyce Nakato

President Yoweri Museveni is addressing is first rally in Bujenje at Kikingura Primary School, then Buruli and later Masindi municipality at Boma grounds.

Speaking to some of the voters who have already gathered at the venue, many said they are happy with the progress the government is making, but would want improvements in health and education sectors.

Photo by Pricillar Nyamahunge



Dignitaries arrive for Museveni rally in Bujenje. These included Bujenje MP Kabakumba Masiko and Msindi Woman MP Jalia Bintu 

 Photo by Pricillar Nyamahunge


Masindi painted yellow ahead of Museveni's visit

By Priscillar Nyamahunge and Joseph Baguma


Preparations ahead of the President's visit in Masindi district scheduled for Saturday are in high gear. Early in the morning, a tractor was seen mowing the Boma grounds, where the main rally will be held in the evening.


Lorry drivers, and  motorists were seen at Boma grounds trying hard to secure opportunities to transport supporters from villages to the rally ground.


The town has been decorated with Museveni posters. According to Martin Kahwa, the Chairperson NRM task force,  the President will first hold a rally at Kikingura village in Bujenje county in the morning, then Kyatiri in Pakanyi sub-county, and finally wind up the day at Masindi Boma grounds in Masindi town.



Museveni launches sh450b road in Kibaale

By Vision Reporters 

National Resistance Movement (NRM) presidential candidate, President Yoweri Museveni started his campaigns in the oil-rich Bunyoro sub-region on Friday, holding four campaign rallies in Kibaale district. Top on his priorities list for the region was the work on roads and electricity, as well as his wealth creation campaign through a host of special funds for women, youth and agriculture.

At his first rally, held at Kisita Primary School grounds in Kisita sub-county, Bugangaizi East County, Museveni assured supporters that he would tarmac major roads connecting to the district. Moments before the rally, Museveni flagged off the upgrade of 104 km Mubende-Kakumiro-Kibaale-Kagadi road.

“I have commissioned works on that road and the tarmac will reach here (Kisita),” the NRM candidate announced to the excited crowd of supporters clad in their trademark yellow t-shirts as they flared up in cheers.Construction of the road will cost sh484b and is expected to be completed within three years, with design by China Communications Construction Company, the firm currently building the Kampala-Entebbe Express Highway.

Speaking at the commissioning of the road, Museveni said the Government had developed capacity and funds, from sh500b to over sh13 trillion, which has enabled the country to build more roads.

Allen Kagina, the executive director Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), said Government had obtained funds for the national roads development and maintenance plan.

She revealed that part of the funds will be applied for payments for design and build for upgrading of Mubende-Kagadi road from gravel to bituminous paved road. Kagina said works on the new road would act as an alternative route from the capital Kampala to Albertine graben region.

Finance minister and Buyanja county MP, Matia Kasaija said the road is key for the development of the area that is an agricultural hub, making it easier for farmers to access markets.


At the rally,  Museveni said he felt proud to find that the sub-county had already been connected to the national power grid. Having cast glances at two nearby schools that have sprung up in the area, Museveni noted that Kibaale district alone has 900 schools, signifying progress in education in the district. Museveni later held three campaign rallies at Nyamarunda Primary School in Buyanja County, Kagadi town council grounds in Buyaga county East and Mpeefu sub-county in Buyaga county West. Unveiling the NRM’s manifesto, Museveni said the NRM has achieved incremental progress by promoting unity, irrespective of one’s tribe or religion. “If anyone whispers to me about doing things on the basis of tribe, I consider them the devil and I chase them away because sectarianism does not help anyone,” he told supporters.

Wealth creation

Museveni also said the Government will increase funds for microfinance institutions from sh53b to sh180b, so that more Ugandans have access to start-up funds. “Kibaale district has 1,250 villages. Each of the villages will have at least sh2m credit fund for people to borrow and start an income generating activity,” Museveni said amidst cheers from excited supporters. He also promised to multiply the budget for the Youth Fund from sh44b to sh234b and set aside a sh234b fund for women for wealth creation. Museveni further promised to boost the NAADs programme budget from sh200b to sh1 trillion  annually to ensure that within two years, all households have access to farm inputs including seeds, cattle or pigs. The NRM presidential flag bearer assured supporters they were no longer required to present security for microfinance loans. “I do not want to hear about security for microfinance loans from Government institutions. Instead, the institutions give character loans, where community trust is the security,” he said.


“I have been told that some rats are here in Kibaale. The responsibility of catching thieves in your district lies with the chief administrative officer (CAO),” Museveni stated.

Museveni paraded Robert Mutungi, the deputy district CAO for Kibaale before supporters to explain what he was doing about taming corruption. “Whenever we get the funds, we use it for roads, schools, health centres,” Mutungi                           explained. Museveni told Mutungi that the voters were most likely not informed about service delivery programmes, leading to perceptions among citizens that funds sent to districts are stolen. Museveni vowed to ‘look for cats to catch rats’ but asked voters to be proactive and exercise oversight over service delivery programmes through their immediate elected leaders.

Gurama Forest Reserve land

Museveni also promised to consult on the land row involving residents who settled in Gurama Forest Reserve.  Over 1,000 families settled in the forest reserve and the National Forestry Authority attempted to evict them in vain. The entire forest has been depleted. Kibaale district has 16 central forest reserves and is one of the five districts situated in the oil and natural gas endowed Bunyoro sub-region


Museveni vowed to resolve the land row involving a group of families evicted from Mpocha Forest Reserve, who were later resettled in Kisita sub-county. Each of the families was allotted about 10 acres by the Government and promised compensation of about sh12m each, although the compensation was halted by the President. “Some people are telling you lies. I know about your demands for compensation and the money is there, but I put the process on hold until I resolve complaints from the Banyoro community,” Museveni said.  “When we gave land for you to settle, it created envy. I resolved to first do something for the Banyoro” Museveni stated, entreating the claimants (Bakiga) to live in harmony with the Banyoro. The resettlement of the claimants on the land has its origins in an agreement between Sir Tito Winyi and the Omugabe of Ankole, Museveni explained. In an interview with the New Vision, Samuel Kisembo Araali, the Kibaale resident district commissioner, said the compensation process was halted partly due to irregularities that cropped up during the exercise. “The number to be compensated shot up from sh6.5b to sh12.5b,” Araali revealed, prompting the President to stop the exercise until the Auditor General and Solicitor General verifies the claims.


  • Electricity extended to major towns.
  • 900 (private and Government-aided schools in Kibaale.
  • Boreholes built in townsn Standard murram roads in existence.
  • Kisita-Kyankwanzi bridge built.


Resolve Mpocha land row

  • Resolve Gurama Forest Reserve land row.
  • Tarmac major roads.
  • Technical institute in each county.
  • Extend power to more sub-counties: Bwikara, Mpeefu.

Recap of Museveni's rallies yeaterday



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