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Opinion polls mean nothing – Mbabazi

By Admin

Added 20 January 2016

I am looking forward to interacting with people and finding solutions to their problems.

Opinion polls mean nothing – Mbabazi

Mbabazi in Sheema and Mbarara






4:05pm: Mbabazi addresses supporters at Kenjojo in Rwampara. He says: “ we all want change so that we develop our country. In Karamoja, poverty is visible on people’s faces and we need to change that.

I have come because I have never been president, so you can try me  and see the changes I am going to bring.


2:1 9pm: Mbabazi makes a stop-over at Mwizi trading centre.




Mbabazi programme


9:00am: set off from Mbarara through Ruti on Kabale road. Stop-over at Ruti trading centre.


Proceed to Kichwamba, have a 10-minute stop-over at Kichwamba, then continue to Mwizi  for another stop-over.


11:00am: Main rally at Bugamba, Rwampara county, Mbarara district.


12:00pm: Move through Rushanje, Kangiri, Kashaka, Kiho , Nyeihanga to Bugongi in Sheema South.


1:00pm: Main rally at Bugongi town council, Sheema district.


Move from Bugongi, through Karera, Katokye, Kyabandara to KAbwohe town council.


3:00pm: Main rally at Kabwohe town council grounds.


Drive through Kanyeganyegye, Bucuro, Mugarutsya, Bwizibwera to Rubindi in Kashari, Mbarara district.


5:00pm: Main rally at Rubindi.


Move through Kashare, Rubaya, Biharwe and back to Mbarara.


8:00pm: Meeting coordinators and candidates.





By Norah Mukimba

Amama Mbabazi has said the recently released opinion polls mean nothing to him. “ I have seen opinion polls everywhere and New Vision gave me some percentage, but I would not be surprised if they gave me 0%. I believe the polls mean nothing. I am looking forward to interacting with people and finding solutions to their problems.


On Christopher Aine:

“ I have said a lot about Aine, but his case is still in court. I met the mother in Semuto and we had some little talk. I believe people are free to do what they want . I have no time to go looking for people in different camps for support.”

I would also not tell people to get out of NRM when I am still there. So, those playing the defection part are in drama.

Those who feel threatened are the ones intimidating people. They don’t have the confidence in using peaceful means to win. These elections will be the ones to speak out. The greatest fear wherever I have gone is about rigging,” he adds.



Mbabazi addresses press conference:

“we are going to have more press conferences. We have clear goals  and I know we are going to make it cause I think my campaign policy has changed and we are having more stop-overs than the main rallies. I am now able to meet people in these areas. I have moved around the country and everyone who has been coming to my rallies has not been transported to the rally. They bring themselves.”


 babazi addresses a press confrence Mbabazi addresses a press confrence






By Norah Mukimba

Presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi is expected to brief the media in a few minutes about his campaign trail and other national issues pertaining to the elections. He will answer questions from the journalists.

The press conference is taking place at Lake View Regency Hotel in Mbarara. Journalists are waiting for him. At the hall for the conference, surprisingly, the chairs are covered with yellow cloth, contrary to his colour Orange. Yellow is NRM colour.






Mbabazi promises to pay off loans Ugandans borrowed from banks


By Abdulkarim Ssengendo


The independent Presidential candidate, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi yesterday started his second in western region campaign trail with Isingiro district. Mbabazi held rallies in different places in Isingiro South and Isingiro North.


He held his first rally at Ruhira trading centre in Isingiro South and last rally at Kaberebere town council in Isingiro North, but failed to make it to his planned rallies in Bukanga constituency because of time factor.  Mbabazi promised that once elected into power, his government will pay off loans for all Ugandans less than shs5million.



Mbabazi also promised to establish a community bank at each sub county across the country as means of eliminating poverty in the communities.

He said those banks will be different from other banks as people will access loans without being asked security.


Mbabazi who skipped his planned rallies in Bukanga constituency because of time, also promised to improve health centres in Isingiro district with enough health workers, stocked with enough drugs and equipment.



He also promised to extend electricity to different parts of Isingiro district, and address the problem of unemployment amongst the youth.


He asked residents of Isingiro not to accuse him of not doing anything developmental in the area, arguing that the last 30 years he served in the NRM government he was working under the powers of President.


“I know you are going to ask me what I didn’t do in 30 years I served in government what I want to do now. For 30 years I was serving under the President and was doing what President asked me to do, if you give me votes I will give you what you want, I have never been a President and if I become a President I for the first time I will serve you better, Mbabazi said.



He told them that together with other presidential candidates, they want to ensure a peaceful transition of government and asked residents of Isingiro to vote him overwhelmingly.


“I am NRM who wants change and peaceful transition, transition from generation to generation. I know a lot has been done and a lot have not been done, we must come in to cause change, “ he added.


Other issues to address; weigh bridge, issues affecting farmers, intimidation


“In the book of exodus chapter 14 verse 15, the Jews were in bondage in Egypt for hundreds of years and cried to their God to liberate them, the God responded to them through Moses their leader and he told Moses don’t cry to me tell the children of Israel to go forward, Mbabazi quoted asking people to vote Go-Forward.

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