Mbabazi on Endigyito Radio

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Meanwhile, Mbabazi says he advised Museveni not to contest again

Mbabazi on Endigyito Radio

Pictures by Juliet Kasirye


Candidate Amama Mbabazi will campaign in Isingiro today




5:45pm: Mbabazi in Kabwohe

“ My government will ensure that those Muslims whose relatives were killed or lost property in 1979 will be compensated.

babazi addresses a rally Mbabazi addresses a rally


Mbabazi on Endigyito Radio

By Norah Mukimba

Presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi will be on Radio Endigyito, a local radio based in Mbarara between 9:00pm and 11:00pm. Mbabazi today traversed Isingiro district as he campaigned for the presidency. He assured the people that he would fight poverty, work on roads, power and health centres.

He closed his leg of the campaign with a rally at Kabererebere trading centre in Masha sub-county, Isingiro district.

5:53pm: Mbabazi at Kabererebere

Mbabazi says: “I know you have a big problem of lack of power, hospitals among others. I have been in government for long and I know what has been done and what has not been done.

Therefore, I want to finish what the government has failed to do. I have a lot of plan to do for my country when I am elected president. People keep asking which party I belong to and I tell them I am NRM that wants change. I will talk about the details of my plans when I appear on radio this evening.


 babazi waves at some of his supporters Mbabazi waves at some of his supporters.


4:39pm: Mbabazi addresses Kabuyanda residents

“We all want change because our life is not even close to good. We want to develop and leave this life of poverty, says Phionah Kembabazi, a resident of Kabuyanda.

Mbabazi supporters shout out: we want change… we want change At this point Mbabazi stands up and joins them to dance.

babazi welcomed by one of his supporters Mbabazi welcomed by one of his supporters.


4:08pm:Team reaches Ruhiira

Mbabazi tells them he had come to solicit their votes. He says he believes all of them want change and that it is time now to change.

Journey starts

11:00am: Journey starts


1:41pm: Mbabazi reaches Masaka on his way to Isingiro.


3:52pm: Mbabazi reaches Nyabitunda

He encouraged the people to vote for change in order to fight poverty out of their homes. He said efforts will be made to stimulate market potential for their matooke by working on the infrastructure such as roads.



Mbabazi heads to Isingiro


12:00pm: Drive through Nyabitunda, Kamubeizi


Rally at Kabuyanda


1:00pm: Travel through Kagati, Ngarama, Kiyenje, Mulema, Koranorya to Rugaaga


3:00pm: Rally at Rugaaga


3:30pm: Visit to Kityaza ( Nakivale Refuge Camp)


4:00pm: Drive through Kalingo, Kirumba to Kaberebere


5:00pm: Rally at Kaberebere


However, by 10:00am, Mbabazi and team were still at his home in Kololo, Kampala.


A recent Vision Group poll showed the top five concerns for voters in this district as:


  • Health
  • Land
  • National security
  • Road network
  • Education

ALOYSIUS BYAMUKAMA asked residents of Isingiro what they expect Mbabazi to address

Alex Kamugisha, Politician:  I want him to give SACCOs support. They are
increasingly becoming a beacon of hope for most Ugandans who fear high interest rates from other commercial institutions.

Donozio Kibanga, Politician:  He should address the issue of corruption in this country. Corruption has denied Ugandans services like drugs in health centres, clean water, Agriculture and Education services.


Night Agnes, Business woman:  I want Mbabazi to address national security. There are also increased cases of robbery.


Night Agnes, Business woman:  I want Mbabazi to address national security. There are also increased cases of robbery.


Laban Kiniago, peassant: Let Mbabazi tell the youth the truth about unemployment. What are his plans for them since most youth do not want to go farming and only expect to get money from offi ce jobs.

Esther Tashobya: As youths, we want him to equip us with skills that will enable us
get rid of unemployment.





Mbabazi says he advised Museveni not to contest again


By Moses Mulondo and Nicolas Wasajja

Independent presidential candidate and former prime minister Amama Mbabazi, has said he advised President Yoweri Museveni not to stand for president again, but he ignored his advice.

“After the 2011 elections had ended, I held a meeting with President Museveni and told him that at the end of his new term, he would have ruled Uganda for 30 years. I,
therefore, advised him not to stand because 30 years are enough,” Mbabazi said during rallies he held in different parts of Kampala yesterday.

Mbabazi said at the end of the meeting, President Museveni said he would think about it. “He ended up promoting himself as a sole candidate and when he asked me to back him to stand for president again, I refused,” he stated.

He also regretted having spearheaded the move to remove presidential term limits in 2005 to allow President Museveni stand again.


“At that time, I thought people should have freedom to make their choice. But after the politics of sole candidature and the many obstacles aimed at failing me, I have realised that my assumption about freedom of choice was wrong,” he elaborated.

“We need to re-instate the presidential term limits. They will enable Uganda to have
political stability and peaceful elections,” he explained. “Since independence, we have had change of governments through bloodshed, which ushered in inexperienced
leaders. I want to use my experience in governance to lead a peaceful change. I
want to lead a transition of leadership from the old to the new generation,” he explained.

While in Luzira, Mbabazi promised to construct more public schools in Kampala. He said it is an embarrassment to the Government that Nakawa division, with 500,000 people, has only one government-aided secondary school (Luzira SS).

“My Kinkizi West constituency, with a smaller population, has seven public secondary schools. Government has been unfair to the people of Nakawa. I am even told you do not have public toilets. My government will solve these problems,” he promised amid ululations.


He promised to pay all pension arrears within the first 100 days of his presidency. Other promises Mbabazi made included restoring cooperatives, community banks at every sub-county, stopping land grabbing and solving unemployment and poverty among Ugandans.

Mbabazi’s act of waving to the people through his open roof Land Cruiser, hooting by bodaboda cyclists, a brass band and singing by local artistes, such as Big Eye, Gerald Kiweewa and Mathias Walukagga captured the attention of Kampala residents wherever he went.

Regarding people’s worries about vote rigging, Mbabazi said: “All of you should turn up to vote on the voting day and after you have voted do not leave your polling stations until results are announced. After doing your part, leave the protection of your votes at the level of tallying in computers to me.”

He said although he has been provoked by the NRM people, he resolved to open a new chapter in Uganda’s politics by sticking to principles other than personalities.







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