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Namisindwa district to start in 2017 - Museveni

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Added 11 December 2015

Museveni addresses voters in Budaka today

Namisindwa district to start in 2017 - Museveni

President Museveni addressing thousands of his supporters at Bugobelo secondary school play ground in Bunefule village in Manafwa district on Wednesday. Picture by Paul watala

Candidate Museveni address voters in Budaka today.


Museveni promises to help family of former fighter

By Ashraf Kasirye

Before I wind up my speech, my people have reminded me of the family of our former freedom fighter, Namilundu, who was killed by former president Idi Amin Dada when they attacked us. I will talk to them after here,” Musveni said.


Namilundu relatives speak out


Girigori Mutenyo: Namilundu was my elder brother and ever since his death, our family has never got peace. We are very poor and we request the President to construct for us houses.


Stella Namilundu: Our brother was the only educated among us. When he died, our father got a stroke and  eventually died. We never got a chance to go to school. We want the President to help our children go to school and uplift the standards of our family.





Namisindwa district to start in 2017

By Ashraf Kasirye

President Yoweri Museveni has assured the people of Manafwa that the district they have been asking for will be created in 2017. “We had to concentrate on bigger issues such as electricity and I think you can see wires all over here. Now that we have achieved that, vote for the NRM so that it creates Namisindwa district and many others come 2017,” he said.




Mbale-Bubulo road construction starts in January

By Ashraf Kasirye

President Yoweri Museveni has said the construction of the Mbale-Bubulo-Lwakhakha road will start in January. We have constructed roads in the country using our money. However, here, we decided to use the African Development Bank money because the fund was put there for regional roads and the Kenyans are working on the road from their side. The contract for this road will be signed in January. The money is there, but we are flowing procurement procedures,” he added.


Women can equally compete for constituencies – Museveni

By Ashraf Kasirye

Presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni cautioned politicians to stop circulating false information to voters saying constituencies are meant for men but women can only vie for district posts.

This followed an allegation from the MP for Bubulo West, Rose Mutonyi who said her opponents were circulating false information about her.


“The former party secretariat is to be blamed for all this. I can pardon the ones currently in leadership because they are up and down with elections, but the former leadership was doing nothing,” Museveni said.

The party brought balance of power among men and women and the disabled. We even have disabled MPs in the current House such as Baba Diri of Koboko. So, why can’t women compete with men in constituencies?” he asked.






Museveni in Manafwa

Before the president headed to Budaka, he first went to Manafwa, where he addressed a rally at Nakhupa Primary School this afternoon 

By Ashraf Kasirye

President Yoweri Museveni, who is also the NRM presidential candidate is addressing his first rally today at Nakhupa primary School grounds in Bugobero sub-county, Bubulo West in Manafwa district.

As the people waited for him, these were their comments


Daniel Buke, resident of Bukusu sub-county

For years now, our people have not benefitted from all these rprojects such as NAADS. We also need our roads worked on.


David Namunyu, boda boda cyclist

The road from Mbale to Bumboi, via Lwakhakha needs attention. The President has been promising to work on it since he came to power and it has never been done.


Hannifer Nambafu, mother of five

The doctors are stealing our drugs because whenever we go for treatment in government hospitals, they tell us buy drugs from the clinics. So, where do drug sent by the government go? We also want a better hospital, which can carry out surgeries so that we stop going to Mbale Hospital.


Aaron Balayo, resident of Bugobero

Our children do not perform well in exams because teachers are greedy. They claim their salaries are not enough and they don’t realize they are affecting the future of our children. I want President Museveni to talk to these teachers or even appoint new ones. I also think the doctors have their own private clinics where they take government drugs. Most clinics in Manafwa are stocked with all the necessary drugs, yet government hospitals always have no drugs.







A recent Vision Group poll showed the top five concerns for voters in the district as:

  • Poverty
  • Water and Sanitation related issues
  • Health related issues
  • National security issues
  • Employment related issues


Paul Watala asked residents what they expect from him today.


John Chrysostom Wayabire, cultural leader (Ikumbania): I would like to see that issues of cultural differences are addressed. The President should encourage all my opponent to work with me for the good of the Bagwere. He should also unveil his plans to fight high poverty levels among Bagwere, improve education standards, revive Bukedi cooperative union where my subject would sell their cotton and increase water coverage and add more scholarships to Bagwere students.


Author Mboizi, LC5 chairperson Budaka: I would wish to see president Museveni fight corruption with an iron fist, increase funding of programmes aimed at fighting poverty, support our motion of constructing administrative block and increase road fund. He should also grant Budaka health Centre four district hospital status because of its location along Tirinyi Mbale high way.


Kataike Babula: I would like President Museveni to address issues that affect women, improve health centre and increase scholarships for Bagwere students. He should also address how he plans to handle high levels of poverty among Bagwere,.


 Hilda Baluka: I would wish to see the president address issue of poor health facilities and poor standard os education. He should also tell us about his plans to improve salary for teachers, increase clean water and increase electricity in Budaka.


Miisi Magona, Lawyer: I would wish president Museveni to address issues concerning bad roads, improving access to clean water and rural electrification. He should also tell us how he will improve education standards and when he plans to officially install our Ikumbania, John Chrysostom Waybire so that we can also benefit from the National cake and be able to unite for development.


Meanwhile, Museveni had taken a break

He had travelled to Saudi Arabia for a two-day state visit.

By Vision Reporter

Presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni, who is also the President of Uganda, has taken a break from the campaigns.

The President is in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the invitation of the country’s leaders for a two-day state visit.

Museveni, who left the country on Sunday, was seen off at Entebbe International Airport by the head of public service and secretary to the Cabinet, John Mitala; the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura; the Air Force base commander, Col. Moses Amanya and the deputy commissioner general of prisons, James Mwanje.

  picture PPU picture


According to a statement from State House, Museveni was received at King Khaled International Airport in the Saudi Arabia capital Riyadh by Faisal Bin Bandar, the governor of Riyadh province and a Ugandan delegation that included foreign affairs minister Sam Kutesa.

Other Ugandan officials who received the President include the country’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Jordan and Yemen, Dr. Rashid Yahaya Ssemundu, the Minister for General Duties in the Prime Minister’s office, Tarsis Kabwegyere; energy ministry permanent secretary, Kabagambe Kaliisa and his counterpart from the gender ministry, Pius Bigirimana.

 picture PPU picture


Museveni was later ushered into the Al Yammamah palace by the custodian of two mosques, Salman Bin Abudulaziz Al Saud, where offcers and men of the country’s armed forces performed formal welcome ceremonies for the Ugandan leader.

State House said the President will hold talks with the deputy crown prince, Mohammed Bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, ministers, president of the Islamic Development Bank, Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali Al Madan and the secretary general of the Organisation of Islamic Conference, Dr. Iyad Ameen Madani.

 picture PPU picture

Museveni is also expected to address Saudi Arabians and Ugandans living in one of the world’s largest oil producer. He will also tour industries in Almara’e. Uganda and Saudi Arabia entered into an agreement for the employment of 3,000 Ugandans.

 picture PPU picture


Meanwhile, Museveni sent a stern warning to Besigye over Mt Elgon Park

President Yoweri Museveni said he will ask the Electoral Commission and the Police to investigate Dr. Kizza Besigye over allegations that he incited the residents of Bukalasi sub-county on Mt. Elgon National Park to invade and cut the forest down for charcoal.

 picture PPU picture


“I hear Besigye came here and said he will allow you to take over the forest. I am going to find out if I cannot arrest Besigye and put him in prison, because that is criminal. I am going to take it up with the Electoral Commission and even the Police; this is nonsense, this is cheap politics,” Museveni said.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) presidential flag-bearer, while addressing a rally at Bulucheke sub-county headquarters in Bududa district on Saturday, took time to educate the residents about the importance of the forest, not only to them, but the whole eastern region.

 picture PPU picture

People living along the Mt. Elgon National Park borders use the fringes of the forest to cultivate food crops, but in most cases end up entering deep into the park, cutting down and burning trees and putting themselves in conf ict with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

“I have discussed the issue of the national park with your leaders and we agreed on many things. I am going to send the Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, to sit with you, here. Even when you are cutting your fingernails, you don’t cut deep into the flesh, because you will create wounds,” he said.

 picture PPU picture


Museveni who was accompanied by his wife Janet, compared Dr. Besigye to a woman who accepted that a child she was claiming motherhood over be cut into two.

“In the biblical story, King Solomon when confronted with a challenge of determining the real mother of the baby, asked them if he could cut the baby into two and each takes half. The real mother said do not cut the baby and allowed that the other woman keeps it.” Museveni added: “Besigye is speaking like somebody who is not the mother of Uganda; this is criminal, I am going to get the tape of what he said and study it. If he said that, I am going to take it up.”

ironko resident brave heavy rains to attend resident useveni rallies at asaba secondary school in udadiri on riday ictures by  Sironko resident brave heavy rains to attend President Museveni rallies at Masaba secondary school in Budadiri on Friday. Pictures by PAUL WATALA


Besigye is alleged to have told the people of Bukalasi during his campaign trail in the area that the people should access the forest and cut the trees. The Mt. Elgon forest issue is thorny in the region. While in Bungokho, Museveni was confronted by the Mbale district LC5 chairman, Bernard Mujasi, asking the President to stop UWA from harassing the residents of Busano, Wanale sub-county that borders the Mt. Elgon forest.

Museveni promised to send the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura, to intervene. There was also drama at the rally in Bulucheke, when a group of Bagisu traditional leaders, led by Babukusu, Josephe Washi, breached the protocol, storming the podium to shake hands with the President.

 icture by aul atala Picture by Paul Watala


They carried posters demanding the recognition of Babukusu kingdom. This is a rival faction of Job Mushikoli’s Entzu Ye Bumasaba. Museveni said the two groups should agree. Before the NRM presidential f ag-bearer started his addresses, he invited the First Lady to greet the people. With her thumbs up, Janet chanted: “NRM Oyee”, attracting a deafening response of “Oyee”, before she asked the crowd to vote for mzee (Museveni).

At the Mbale municipality Lukhobo grounds in Maluku, Museveni and his wife were received by the party national vice-chairman for eastern region, Mike Mukula, deputy secretary general Richard Todwong and deputy national treasurer Dr. Kenneth Omona as well as ministers and MPs from the region.

icture by aul atala Picture by Paul Watala

Museveni held four rallies at Lutseshe, Manjiya County, Bubulo East crowning the day and at the municipality. He outlined the achievements of the NRM government in the areas of health, education, roads construction, power extension to various parts of the country, clean water provision, as well as the general revival of the economy.

At all the rallies, Museveni reminded the people that his government inherited a collapsed economy with all the necessities such as sugar, soap and cooking oil smuggled from Kenya. “Now all parts of Bugisu have electricity. This electricity is because we have money. We have money because we are collecting taxes and the taxes are from services.”

He told the cheering crowds that the Tororo-Mbale-Soroti road had been reconstructed. The Mbale-Kapchorwa road, he said was under repair, while the Mbale-Bubulo-Bumbo-Lwakhakha is due to be tarmacked, including the road which goes to Manjiya. He said in March next year, tarmacking of the Muyembe-Nakapiripirit road will start, to connect to Nakapiripirit-Moroto road, which he said was almost complete.

icture by aul atala Picture by Paul Watala


All these achievements, he said, were because of the prioritisation strategy by the Government. In 1986, he said the Government was collecting only sh5b annually, but now collects sh13,000b.

Museveni said despite these collections, the money is still not enough to do everything at ago. “That is why we select things to do today and things to do tomorrow. That way, there is nothing we cannot do,” Museveni said, “All these achievements are not out of magic. So, when the liars come here to say the Government has not done this, tell them we know; even God did not create the universe in one day. At least God would say let there be and there was, I cannot do that,” Museveni said.

He said under Operation Wealth Creation and the NAADs Fund, the Government will put sh1 trillion; sh234b in youth fund, sh234b in women fund and sh180b in the microfinance project for mainly village groups.These funds, Museveni said, should, however, not be tagged the provision of security.

“The people are poor, but someone is asking for security for the loan; this is a mistake. These are very poor managers, who are not well supervised, but I have given the order that this money should be accessed basing on character and trust. At the municipality rally, Museveni said: “There are things my son, Nandala Mafabi keeps telling you…, I directed that Bugisu Co-operative Union be given sh9b, sh4.5b has already been released to the board, and I assure you that the sh4.5b will also be released.”

The NRM flag-bearer received hundreds of defectors, including district and regional co-ordinators of the Amama Mbabazi’s Go Foward group and another group of over a 100 people defecting from the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

Residents speak out

Mutwalibu Wakube, 45, a bodaboda rider and an LC1 chairman of Buwanabisi ward in Bududa trading centre decried the state of Bududa Hospital, which he said lacks drugs and sufficient staff. “I have seen pregnant women dying because there are no doctors to work on them. They tell you to transfer a patient to Mbale and when it rains, the road is impassable. We have lost many people here,” he said.

The village chairperson is also concerned about corruption in the Police. He says as the chairman has taken a number of defilement cases to the Police, but they demand for money to arrest the suspects which the locals cannot afford. Not only that, but they also ask for money to examine the victims. “I took a defilement case to Namukumba Police post last year and they asked for sh150,000 to arrest a suspect, but we did not have the money and the case died there,”  Wakube said. He said even the seedlings brought by NAADS are distributed among the co-coordinators themselves.



NRM Presidential Candidate President Yoweri Museveni and First Lady Janet campaigning at Nazu village,Bugimunye Parish, Busulani subcounty in Sironko district. Supporters braved the rains to listen to him. (PPU pictures)

 picture PPU picture





ironko residents braved heavy down pour to attend president useveni rallies in asaba secondary school in udadiri town council ironko district on riday icture by  Sironko residents braved heavy down pour to attend president Museveni rallies in Masaba secondary school in Budadiri town council Sironko district on Friday. Picture by PAUL WATALA



NRM supporters at Barawa Parish , Kapchorwa town council in Kapchorwa district. (PPU Pictures)


NRM Presidential candidate, President Yoweri Museveni campaigning at Kakworus ward, Kween County, Kween district in Sebei Region. (PPU Pictures)




Museveni pledges power access to households


By Ashraf Kasirye

NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni has pledged to pay sh500,000 for every resident who wishes to get power in their homes.

This was revealed by energy minister Irene Muloni in Bungokho county, Mbale district on Friday.

She called upon the locals to utilize the chance and stop electricity thefts, which have been rampant in the area.

Muloni urged the residents to elect Museveni if they are to get this opportunity, saying it will be the first project to be implemented once the NRM leader is elected president.





On her part, NRM’s Lydia Wanyoto has said the biggest problem in the area is land conflicts.

“Our neighbours, the Bagwere, are fighting for the land. The President must address this because it is a serious issue.”

Museveni and his wife, Janet, arrived at the rally venue at 2:14pm and were welcomed by thousands of supporters.

The NRM leader was received by Lydia Wanyoto, Irene Muloni, Kenneth Omona and other leaders from eastern Uganda.






Mbale warms up for Museveni

By Ashraf Kasirye

Residents of Bungokho are arriving for the rally while entertainment is going on. Among the entertainers are students of Mbale School for the Deaf, where the rally is taking place.

Connie Nakayenze Galiwango, the Mbale Woman MP candidate
on the NRM ticket asked Bagisu to appreciate the fact that NRM has developed Mbale. Therefore, she says, re-electing NRM is necessary.

Irene Muloni, energy minister and MP for Bulambuli
says NRM has gained in the area because opposition MPs who won last time have not fulfilled what they promised.

Mohammed Masaba, NRM chairman for Mbale district
: “We are determined to kick the opposition out of Mbale.”

Apollo Mugirya, resident
: “Our women want capital to work for their families. Most men here have abandoned their families.”

Zubair Wambi, resident of Wumwalye village
: “The government should start factories where we can get jobs. In our area, we don’t have a secondary school. The government should look into that.”

Samson Nakeju, resident
: “The roads in Bungokho are very bad. We don’t have piped water and the teachers in our government-aided schools are still very few. Even if the government increased the teachers’ salaries, if they are few, the standards of education will remain low.





















In a recent Vision Group poll, voters in Karamoja sub-region listed the top five concerns as:

  • Health
  • Poverty
  • Education
  • Water and sanitation
  • Poor road network


Paul Watala asked the residents what their expectations are . . .

Amulam Nabende, the Sironko LC5 chairperson aspirant FDC: I would want him to address high poverty levels, plans to increase market of coffee and improve standards of education.

Florence Nambozo, NRM Sironko Woman MP aspirant
: I want him to address the issue of bad roads that hinder development, health services, poverty and corruption.

Emma Belai, radio presenter: The President should address unemployment among youth, scholarships for needy children, give municipalities money to keep cleanness and clean water.

Connie Galiwango Woman MP Mbale district
: President Museveni should talk about increasing funds to work on bad roads in the municipality, health services, education standards and unemployment.

Pamela Watuwa Deputy RDC, Mbale
: president should work towards making Mbale or Elgon region a tourism hub, increase funding for programmes aimed at eradicating poverty.

Kennedy Wasike, independent Mbale municipality MP aspirant: The President should talk about his transition from power, bad roads, health services and giving Mbale municipality city status.

Femia Wadada, Sironko woman MP Aspirant Independent: He should tell us his plans to tarmack the Mbale-Budadiri road, improve health services by increasing the number of health workers, improving the drug stocks and poor education standards.






Opposition has no room in Teso – NRM


By Milton Olupot & Godfrey Ojore

As Museveni wraps up his Teso sub-region campaigns, there is enthusiasm among the party leadership and supporters who turned up in droves to welcome him.

Museveni has been to the districts of Katakwi, Amuria, Kapelebyong, Serere, Ngora, Kumi and Bukedea, all areas that have voted for him in the previous elections.

His message has been consolidating the gains in development, preservation of peace and wealth creation for improved household income.

The NRM flag-bearer has asked the voters to give him another term to consolidate the achievements, including peace that has returned to the sub-region, after decades of cattle rustling by the marauding Karimojong warriors and the subsequent insurgency.













Museveni has also talked about infrastructure development, such as electricity that has been extended to most parts of the region, increased classroom blocks for the Universal Primary Education and Universal Secondary Education, as well as the planned tarmacking of the road network.

For the people in this region, major achievements include the disarmament of the Karimojong. Mzee Tom Malinga, an elder in Toroma, Katakwi district and also the former Member of Parliament for Usuk County, said: “The people of Teso shall be ever grateful to President Museveni and his government for disarming the Karimojong warriors that had made life in this part of the region hell.”

He is also excited over the ferry due to be launched to link Kumi and Katakwi districts through Lake Bisina.

Museveni has also promised to tarmack the Soroti-Katakwi- Moroto road and a second ferry on Lake Bisina. The restocking exercise he said, would begin soon, with sh20b budgeted for every year until the exercise is concluded; this has been one of the thorny issues in the region.

Museveni said the total budget for compensation will stand at sh400b.


 Museveni poses with supporters of Mbabazi who defected to the NRM and pledged to vote for him and NRM candidates in Kapchorwa



 resident useveni addresses a rally in ween on uesday

The NRM candidate has emphasised government provision of start-up capital to SACCOS, from where people will borrow and start businesses that will get them out of poverty.

A Vision Group survey of 6,626 Ugandans of voting age across the country in June found that poverty is a major issue that voters in this region want addressed.

Though the NRM is dominant in the region, especially the north Teso, the Opposition leaders, especially the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), during campaigns advance arguments of marginalisation by the current regime for the past three decades, leading to persistent poverty in the region, rampant corruption, and failure to compensate people who lost their cattle during insurgency and to cattle rustlers, for their challenge on Museveni.

“Service delivery in Teso is poor, compared to the western part of the country. The quality of education is worse and the state of roads is appalling,” said FDC’s Angeline Osegge the Woman MP for Soroti district. She further accuses the Government of failing to protect the Iteso and their property, including cattle that the people of Teso depended on for educating their children.


 Rukia Chekamondo with Museveni on the podium at Barawa Parish rally, Kapchorwa

The Opposition had also capitalised on what they term as failure to share seats on Cabinet. Kasilo County MP Elijah Okupa, an FDC politician, recently told voters that if Dr. Kizza Besigye is voted into power, he will give Teso more Cabinet ministers and senior positions in Government.

“Under President Museveni, Teso has had only junior ministers who are far from the kitchen,” Okupa said.

Until last month, Teso had one Cabinet minister Jessica Alupo. The others are Christine Amongin Aporu, the state minister for Teso affairs, Musa Ecweru state for disaster, Agnes Akiror state for tourism and Gen. Jeje Odongo, the state for defence.





hoto by harles choda (Photo by Charles Achoda)


Museveni recently named Bukedea Woman MP Rose Akol as minister for internal affairs. The Opposition also use the delay in tarmacking Soroti- Mbale road to de-campaign the ruling party. They claim that the road is sub-standard and cannot last for many years.

For UPC’s Okitoi Erisat, the LC5 councillor for Kapelebony and the aspiring LC5 for Amuria district, failure by the current regime to fight corruption is responsible for the suffering of the people of Teso.

“Some corrupt NRM leaders connived to grab the land of the people of Kapelebony. Because the system is rotten, our cries have not been listened to. So, if we continue to keep the NRM regime, much of our properties shall be taken away from us,” Okitoi stated.

But the NRM leadership in Teso are saying the NRM will liberate the few areas still being held by the Opposition especially the FDC. The NRM vice-chairperson of eastern region, Capt. Mike Mukula, said all the issues the Opposition is raising are covered in the ruling party’s manifesto for 2016-2021.

“The Government has already invested on the roads sector and electricity to promote productivity and growth of small scale enterprises to enhance job creation.

Museveni, while wrapping up his campaign trail in Teso on Tuesday, said: “It is not true that we have not done anything. We have been paying sh20b per year. It is a difficult process because some people over claimed. In principle, we are going to help compensate those people, now that the other issues have been handled, we are going to focus on this.”

On the issue of rampant unemployment in the region, Mukula said the Government had already come up with a programme of re-skilling all the youth who have completed education, but have not got jobs so that they are able to get employed.

“The party has recorded high turn up of Opposition defectors. In Kaberamido alone, I have received over 1,000 and more are still surrendering to us,” boasted Kaberamido MP Kenneth Omona.

Dr. Omona, also the party deputy national treasurer, said Opposition supporters have seen the light from the NRM government that has fulfilled many pledges. He said the Government is handling the compensation of the people who lost their cattle to Karimojong rustlers and to the insurgency that ravaged Teso for over a decade.

“Government has bought a ferry for connecting Kumi district and Katakwi, electricity has reached Katakwi for the first time,” Omona enumerated.

Charles Elasu, the NRM chairman for Soroti district, explained that the Government had started a restocking exercise and many families had received cattle in the programme. He also said tarmacking the Soroti- Mbale road was one of the key things the Opposition was dwelling on, but it is already accomplished.

“People are tired of Opposition lies that the Government is neglecting them because many have received restocking cows, free citrus seedlings and roads being worked on,” said Elasu.









Women can equally compete for constituencies – Museveni

By Ashraf Kasirye

Presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni cautioned politicians to stop circulating false information to voters saying constituencies are meant for men but women can only vie for district posts.

This followed an allegation from the MP for Bubulo West, Rose Mutonyi who said her opponents were circulating false information about her.

“The former party secretariat is to be blamed for all this. I can pardon the ones currently in leadership because they are up and down with elections, but the former leadership was doing nothing,” Museveni said.

The party brought balance of power among men and women and the disabled. We even have disabled MPs in the current House such as Baba Diri of Koboko. So, why can’t women compete with men in constituencies?” he asked.


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