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Mbabazi to launch campaign radio

By Admin

Added 10 November 2015

Amama Mbabazi holds his second presidential campaign rally in Mukono.

Mbabazi to launch campaign radio

On Tuesday, presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi addressed his second rally in Mukono, during which he revealed that he would launch a campaign radio.




6.20pm:   'I'll launch radio'


“The overall reason why I am contesting is because we need change. My government will be a people’s  government. Corruption is the biggest problem in Uganda, but when I get into power, we shall fight it. Many of our youth finish school and have no jobs. We shall get a solution for that. We shall work on health, we shall remove direct taxes, because they affect trade. People’s votes are God’s plans.

“I don’t like the fact that we keep meeting NRM people everywhere we go. They want to always disorganize us and I am going to complain to the Electoral Commission. In a few days, I will be launching Amama FM.

Mbabazi rally ends. However, there is heavy presence of Police personnel along the roads.




 5.50pm:   Mbabazi addressing Mukono rally


Amama Mbabazi takes the mic and addresses his large audience:

“How are you people of Mukono. I welcome you. When I look at your eyes, I realize that you have gone through bad times. It is time me and you get what we want, and that’s change. We are tired of this status and I know we all want to go forward.”

“We need change – the kind that has never happened in this country. I want a peaceful transfer of power. I know votes are always rigged, but I know how to protect them. In a few days, I will be releasing my manifesto and that’s when you will know my plans.”


 5.30pm:   'Game over'

What the different individuals say at the rally . . .

Matthias Nsubuga: Mbabazi was the chosen one for the TDA presidential candidate, so we in DP and other seven parties decided to support him. You saw what happened in Masaka yesterday and it is still happening here.

Norbert Mao: I believe the game is over. For us in DP, we believe Mbabazi will hit the snake. For us we have been inflicting wounds, but Mbabazi knows where to hit. If Mbabazi left NRM, what are you people still waiting for in NRM? Please join us in Mityana tomorrow.

Asuman Basalirwa: Ugandans have a very big problem and that problem is Museveni. That’s why we have to fight him.

Mugobansonga: If Ken Lukyamuzi does not join Mbabazi team, then we are going to chase him out of our party, CP [Conservative Party].

Medard Ssegona: The man has eaten my grandfather’s, my father’s and my tax. I will not allow him to eat my children’s tax.



 5.20pm:   Groove time

Mbabazi dances with supporters as singers Gerald Kiwewa and Mathias Walukaga enteratain the crowd








 5.10pm:   Rally underway

The rally gets under way, starting with the national and Buganda anthems. Huge crowd in attendance.

Entertainment time as the main man on the stage, Mbabazi, joins the traditional dancers. He won't go for long . . . but at least he tries.

Musician Mathias Walukagga, just like in Masaka on Monday, fires up the crowd with some of his popular songs.




 4.30pm:   Finally!


Finally! Mbabazi and co have reached Mukono, where the presidential candidate is going to address a rally.



 4.00pm:   Long transit

Mbabazi's transit from Namanve to Mukono took over three hours following massive gatherings that awaited him by the roadside.





















3.30pm:   The time when Amama reached Seeta
















12.30pm:   On hold

Two entries down (12.10pm), I mentioned reported detention of some Mbabazi supporters . . .apparently they were arrested for blaring music as they mobilized people for the Mbabazi rally schedulded at 2:30pm local time at Mukono County grounds. Due to their detention, preparations are on hold.





12.12pm:   And off he goes!

Mbabazi and co are now on their way to Mukono where he will address his second rally of a very busy three-month around-the-country campaign period.











12.10pm:   'Detained'

There are unconfirmed reports that supporters of Amama Mbabazi have been detained at Namataba Police Station for "driving a car with machines". I repeat, this is not confirmed . . . yet.




11.10am:   Ready to hit the road

Journalists and Mbabazi supporters are waiting for him outside his residence's gate in Kololo, Kampala, shortly before setting off for the Mukono rally.




11.00am:   Police warns on election violence

Meanwhile . . .


By Simon Masaba

The Police have cautioned the media against publishing information that infringes on the privacy of individuals during the ongoing election campaigns.

The Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga (pictured above), while quoting the Press and Journalist Act and the Presidential Elections Act, also warned politicians against bribery.

Enanga sounded the warning at a press conference at the Police headquarters in Naguru, Kampala, as presidential candidates started campaigns in different parts of the country on Monday.

Enanga said politicians who give voters money or any other gifts will be arrested and charged. He also cautioned supporters who solicit money from candidates or their agents during campaigns that they will be arrested too.

“Candidates who offer, procure or promise alcoholic beverages to voters also face arrest and shall be charged in courts of law,” Enanga said.

He said the Police’s head of electoral and political offences, Susan Kasingye, and her team had opened 34 joint operation centres to monitor such malpractices across the country.

“We encourage the public to call the Police elections toll free numbers 0800100912/ 0772330619, to report any malpractices and violence in the campaigns,” Kasingye said.

Over the weekend, the deputy Police spokesperson, Polly Namaye, named Teso region and the districts of Luwero, Ssembabule, Isingiro and Mbarara as violence-prone regions ahead of next year’s general elections.

She said the districts have demonstrated criminal acts before campaigns.





9.50am:   Like a superstar?

Looking back at Monday, first-time presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi made a grand entrance into Masaka where he was scheduled to address his first-ever presidential rally.

See the stone-faced guys on his security detail wearing shades? Keep clear!




9.20am:   Recap

If you missed out on Mbabazi's launching of this first ever presidential campaign, then you can relive just that by CLICKING HERE

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